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The Travel Pro "Daphne Best"

Don't Just Dream.... DO IT!


Dee Best Travel Zone was founded in 2010 and is owned and operated by Daphne Best. Daphne has always been passionate about making people happy, and what better way to show her passion than to help individuals, couples, groups and weddings, reach their happiest destination. As a travel agent and avid vacationer, it is my mission and goal to handle all of your personal services with the best values on your vacation purchase. Dee Best Travel Zone offers short getaways, to an around the world voyage.


It is our mission handle all of your personal traveling services with the best values on all vacation purchase, from short getaways, to an around the world voyage.


Honesty and Integrity - We commit to being honest and keeping our commitments.

Customer Satisfaction - We commit to constantly looking for ways we can make our customers lives easier in every transaction we have with them.

Quality and Competition - We commit to remembering we are here to make sure our customers get the best offer for the least amount of money, make their travel plans run as smoothly as possible and give them the best travel experience of their lives.

Accountability and Fairness – We always look to provide service that exceed the client’s travel need in a fair manner with a genuine desire to serve the clients.

Communication - We commit to being open and communicating consistently our vision of our future with each other and our clients.

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